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Market Trend of Jewelry 2019

Global jewelry annual sales will total 250 billion Euro, with annual growth rate of 5-6%. The consumption of jewelry will be on rise due to global economic recession. With the fast pace of jewelry industry, consumer behavior and the industry itself will have relevant change. The globalization of jewelry industry is the trend avoidably. Top 10 jewelry groups held 12% of total share in previous years, while Cartier and Tiffany both rank number 1 in top 100 brands. Brands jewelry will continue to enlarge the share to 30-40% in 2020. In past, online sales of jewelry holds 4-5$. This percentage will become 10% in 2019. But this figure will not be larger than that as most consumers tend to purchase jewelry in stores due to participating and experiencing the feel of purchasing itself on the spot. While 2/3 consumers tell whey will search information at SNS or online shops before purchase. Obviously, online branding and SNS promotion for clients connection build up are becoming more and more important. "Mixture consumption"of jewelry is becoming a trend, that means the line between fine precious jewelry and fashion jewelry blurs. Consumers buy both precious jewelry as well as fashion fast moving jewelry.