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About 925 Sterling Silver

Recently unearthed silver has a silver-white metallic luster, and long-term exposure in the air tends to produce a layer of black oxides, losing the surface luster, which is the oxidation of silver, but can be cleaned and wiped. Sterling silver itself can not form jewelry due to its low hardness, texture softness and due to the strong chemical reaction that easily turn dark black. But it, with other metals and cast, and of the standard content around 92.5% silver content, known as the international standard silver, is better than pure silver, which can be processed into a fine design, allergy free and skin insensitive.

925 sterling silver quickly became the main ornament of silver. Due to 7.5% alloy, silver has the ideal hardness, brightness and luster, and oxidation resistance. And it becomes easier to set all kinds of stones, diamond, jade and etc. Silver jewelry, with bright color, unique design, exquisite technology, and mid-range price, quickly spread around the world, becomes one of the leading material in fashion industry.