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More About K Gold

Nowadays, getting married has become inseparable from a diamond ring. New people usually look at the diamond ring carefully for a period of time after buying it, feeling that a small diamond ring is amazing. They will also see jewelry with words like 18K, Au750, G750, Pt900... So what does 18K gold mean? A lot of people don't know that well. The details are as follows:

The (K) of gold is a unit of gold content. The most common form of K gold is 24K, 18K, 14K, 8K, etc. In theory, 100% gold can be called 24K gold, but in reality, it is impossible to have 100% gold. Therefore, China states that the gold with the content of 99.6% or above can be called 24K gold.

The 18K gold jewelry not only has the precious value of gold. Furthermore, 18K gold has good ductility, hardness, changing colors due to its perfect composition of proportion. These strengths of 18K gold applies in the jewelry design, can give full play to the complex and exquisite creative expression.

Since it contains 25% of other metals, 18K gold can also be made into different colors, such as white, yellow and rose red, which are respectively called: 18K platinum, 18K gold and 18K rose gold. K gold is the mainstream in the jewelry trend of the world, and western fashion people highlight their personal style by wearing different and chic K gold jewelry. Just because K gold fashion can always meet the needs of contemporary young people, its status in the fashion industry goes on forever, forming a popular trend of wearing K gold jewelry.

The "18K" platinum necklace, ring and pendant that sells on the market now, are mostly pointed as 18K gold, content of partial product amounts to less than 18K. The so-called white K gold is actually a composition of titanium, silver, nickel, rhodium, copper and other metal synthesis of the white mixed metal, instead of platinum. Some merchants sell this product as "18K platinum", which is misleading. According to country mark regulation, the purity of gold is expressed with "K", if 18K gold general point to gold content is 75% gold adorn article.