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Comparison of 18K Solid Gold and 14K Solid Gold

Consumers normally will have two ideas when choosing between 18k and 14k gold.

Some jewelers and individuals find 18k gold more "prestigious" than 14K gold because of its higher gold content. For this group, gold under 18K is generally considered "cheap".

Higher gold content wedding rings or jewelry pieces will cost more. In addition to being more expensive, 18k platinum/gold is also softer than 14k. That means it will wear out easier and quicker.

Personally, I belong to the group of people who are not bothered by social headlines. The truth is, most people can never tell the difference between 14k and 18k gold jewelry. I am more on practicality.

One weakness of14k and 18k gold is that a small number of people may be allergic to the alloy. Nickel metal used to strengthen materials can cause irritation or skin irritation (such as a rash).

Another weakness of higher composition of alloys is that jewelry pieces are more susceptible to overtime. This affects both 14k and 18k gold. The severity of the damage also depends on human chemistry and the environment in which the jewelry is worn.

However, don't let this message make you give up the 14k and 18k gold. The positiveness of your wedding ring or engagement ring using 14k or 18k gold far outweighs its drawbacks.

Compared with platinum, 14k and 18k rings offer consumers cheap alternatives. It is more suitable for more fashion designs.