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What is K Platinum and Rose Gold

Compared with pure platinum, K platinum offers cheap alternative for consumers.
What is 14k and 18k platinum (composition table)
18K platinum 14K platinum
75% gold 59% gold
10% palladium 25.5% copper
10% nickel 10% nickel
5% zinc 3.2% zinc

Rose gold is very diversified in categories. They are very popular among ladies as the pink color is taken as one of most romantic metal. DUe to the mechanical characteristic of combination of gold and copper, rose gold is a more tough metal. It can achieve different tone of pink colors by adjusting the composition of gold and copper, sometimes zinc will also be combined.
What is 14k and 18k rose gold (composition table)
18K rose gold 14K rose gold
75% gold 59% gold
22% palladium 31% copper
10% nickel 3% silver