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Animal Element in Jewelry Design

Animal elements are very visible in jewelry design from vintage to modern jewelry design.Let's take a rough look at them.

The scarab

In Egyptian mythology, the Scarab is a fetish responsible for moving the sun rise and set. The ancient Egyptians believed that the Scarab took on the task of alternating day and night. Moreover, ancient Egyptian mummies were often placed a heart-shaped Scarab on their chests. They believed that this Scarab could protect the dead in posthumous trials. So the Scarab image is used in many ways. Jewelry is certainly no exception. It can even become a representative of Egyptian culture.


The snake symbolizes wisdom and eternity. During the Victorian period, serpentine jewelry was very popular. In the portraits of noble women at that time, the traces of serpentine jewelry were always seen. Queen Victoria considered it a symbol of loyalty and love. In 1840, Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria an engagement ring in the shape of an emerald snake, making it a must-to-have jewelry style for women at the time.


Bees stood for "immortality, resurrection, eternal life." This creative element of bees is a major feature of Napoleon's decoration. According to statistics, in 1653, the French discovered the golden bee decoration in the tomb of Childeric I. As a result, the bee became the oldest symbol of royal authority in the Frankish Kingdom that Napoleon wanted to inherit most.


Dragonfly jewelry has appeared since the Victorian period. Women like the dreamy scenes that dragonflies fall on their shoulders, so dragonfly jewelry was born. During the Art Nouveau period, dragonflies and butterflies were more used by designers and they became representatives of nature.


In ancient Greek and Roman Legends, butterflies symbolize the rebirth of souls released from the body and also symbolize freedom. This is similar in Chinese culture. The special proportion of the butterfly's body makes its wings take up most of the body that is very light, not to mention its wings are so beautiful. To make butterflies into jewelry is not only the pursuit of beauty, but also the longing for freedom.


horse were tamed more than 4,000 years ago. Since then, human life has been closely linked to Hema. The impression of the horse in people's minds is elegant and upright, it gallops the position of the battlefield, and is handsome when galloping, like a gentleman.

More animals in jewelry designs

Tiger, lion, leopard, bird, fish, dolphin, starfish, fishtail, cat, rabbit, name it! Check out Dobayfashion wholesales on animal jewelry.