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History of Chokers

In each period, Choker wrote his own unique story. 

Slaves or death?

In ancient history, a collar was worn only by slaves. This was used to distinguish between the identity of slaves and slave owners. Ribbons as the main body firstly appeared in the French Revolution at the end of the eighteenth century. They were initially regarded as symbols of death. Later, women took the lead in wearing red ribbons on the neck to mourn the revolutionaries. At this time, Choker's moral is a respect for dead comrades. Soon, the neck necklace was widely circulated.

Choker's special period

By the 19th century, the black ribbon Choker was considered a symbol of prostitutes. This originated from the French painter Edward Manet's famous Olympia, which depicts a naked woman wearing Choker in bed. Therefore, Choker of this period also became a special symbol of prostitutes.

Inversion of the plot

At the end of the 19th century, choker began to be sought after by royal families and became a royal product. A Choker displays the brief design of elegance, and also well show wearers‘ status. During this period, Choker often decorated with a large amount of jewelry.

A scar leads the trend

The rise of every trend is by no means an accident. Choker's further promotion benefited from Queen Alexandra, the wife of Edward VII of the United Kingdom. Because she had a scar on her neck, she always wore a neck necklace in public, which set off the early Choker trend. You know, no one wore that at the time.

The ups and downs of the circle return to ordinary characters

After the First World War, Choker was the pursuit of performers and socialites. It has once again become ordinary jewelry. The continuous promotion and prevalence of Choker has also gradually broken the stratification of the people wearing Choker. At the same time, many of our common styles and materials have emerged. During the Great Depression, the black knitting Choker once again became a symbol for lesbians to identify each other.

The population in 1990's

With the advent of the era of peace, Choker, who faded from the glory of the past, entered its second glory days in the 1990s. It not only became hot piece of the actress on the red carpet, but almost burned through the streets. In the 1990s, a the famous film made Choker return to the fashion circle.

Black belt + pendant = Choker? No! Although the black belt + pendant is the classic style of the collar, this does not mean that Choker's shape is unchanged. Today, Choker not only represents fashion, but also has a different flavor. Continue to talk about different flavors of chokers in next session!