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Trend of Jewelry Designs

With the progress of technology and the modernization of life style, particularly the influence of modern art, jewelry design has been going through tremendous development. Jewelry designers try to conform to the trend of The Times and seek the elements of nature, simplicity and innocence in the colorful world, hoping to achieve the return to innocence and express a lasting artistic realm of beauty. The three major trends of jewelry design and manufacture are simplicity, decoration and return to nature.

I. Modeling

Modern jewelry is developing towards concise, geometric and abstract decoration in modeling. Designers are skilled in utilizing concise and lively line, three dimensional structure and abstract geometric modelling, thus express a new inspiring idea. Pieces of jewelry is actually small sculptures, people can get a visual enjoyment from whatever angle to see the designer items


Along with the social communications, networking, information transmission and the rapid development of technology, people are easily pressured by cutting-edge technology caused by the contemporary material, and also easily got worried caused by the competition and environmental pollution. people are more eager to seize quietness from the depth of hearts. These, in turn, have brought in the restoring ancient ways of classical art, the pursuit of traditional style and national characteristics, the return to nature. All these will be an eternal theme. In order to show this theme, flowers and plants, lovely animals, plain ethnic decoration will be more used in jewelry design.

III. Materials

With the development of society, people will no longer stick to traditional and expensive materials for the material of jewelry. New materials will emerge endlessly, including organic and inorganic materials, and even some ordinary materials, which will endow the works with richer connotation and strong expression. For example, titanium gold, which is rarely used in the past, can be transformed into rich colors after being heated. It is highly layered and is often used by some modern jewelry masters.

IV. Processing Technology

Modern jewelry production is no longer limited to the traditional waxless casting and decoration carving process. As long as the work requires, artists can adopt more industrial processing methods, such as milling, planing, grinding, riveting, drilling, electroplating, sandblasting and corrosion, which will bring unexpected effects to jewelry production.

V. Personalized production

The designer of modern jewelry, whose design is not satisfied with the previous way of only painting, leaving the production to be completed by the craftsman. Instead, they try to express personality and take the whole production process as the process of their creation. Most of their works are made by hand individual studios, supplemented by precision machining. Designers integrate their unique inspiration with exquisite craftsmanship. A successful work is an integration of perfect design and craftsmanship.