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Vintage Jewelry in past 100 years

1890-1910 picturesque style jewelry

This period's jewelry style should be taken as antique jewelry. Material like colorful glass, water pearls were liked by people. Compared with gold, people tended to use silver and tin, and use enamel to color all the jewelry. The structure of jewelry still kept complicated although there was a new emerging brief style influenced by new art design and new self-reliant class. In summary, jewelry in this period was really like paintings, whose shapes were more figurative. Natural stone inlays were widely used to make the jewelry of this period expensive.

1910-1920 Bling Bling, grandiose

The design of this period was back to Rococo. Diamond was most popular. Color gems such as Rudy,Sapphire and emerald became popular as well. Luxury and expensive is the theme of that period. Corolla, ribbon, bow, sinker, moon, nebula, laurels, wings, feathers, crowns, oak leave, swallows and butterflies were particularly popular.Jewelry was integrated into the complex lace tebian style to display the gorgeous and meticulous court style.

1920-1930 It was more fashion 100 years ago than now

Women who had been wrapped up began to enjoy sleeveless, low-cut, loose skirts in the pursuit of more flexibility and embellishment. SO the fringed style also extend to jewelry designs. Along with the rise of Art Deco, jewelry also presented a geometric style with particularly clear and concise lines. Rectangles and polygons became the preferred shapes for designers.Technology made jewelry cutting easier. Machine Aesthetic was also a special feature of 1920s jewelry, which combined geometric and machine shapes. It is still trendy today.

1940-1950 Seemingly expensive although people were poor

This period,fake became another name of "jewelry". Other material instead of real gem were used, although jewelry still kept its luxury in design. Meanwhile, 925 sterling silver were used for relatively luxurious jewelry due to the shortage of raw materials. After the war, despite of the expensiveness of diamond and metal, women were still pursuing fine jewelry. Diamond became most popular. Big and colorful gems were exaggerated by designs and technologies. Flowers and birds are the theme of that period, standing for "bringing us fly away from pain". Exotic style cats became hot with a cult of mystery. Cartier was leading to take "leopard"as the theme in this period.

1960s Plastic became hot

This period of jewelry style was particularly obvious. They did not care about luxury details. Instead, large and modern jewelry, such as geometric modeling, gold and colored plastic jewelry was in fashion. With the influence of pop art, colorfulness and color contrast became the representative colors of designers. Black and white geometric design jewelry, has also become the symbol of the breakthrough era, avant-garde.

1970s I am only fond big jewelry

Women of 1970s were gradually back to "women” feature after the avant-garde style of 1960s. Aureate gem was popular again. The design was back to concise and fashionable. People liked gold. Love bracelet of Cartier was originated from this period. In addtion to the minimalist jewelry, jewelry inspired by string was rising. In 1970s, Bulgari followed this trend with the introduction of Monete Antiche. With Hip Hop trend, exotic styles also became a new trend of jewelry, i.e. Mexican style jewelry, became a unique existence. Cher, the 70s fashion icon and singer,was the lover of this style.


1980s It is important to look "Rich"

With the punk music wave, jewelry became pompous. Flamboyance is the theme of this period. Rock and roll elements like rivets and chains were used in 1980s jewelry design. The gold coin jewelry that appeared in 19th century became the selling point in 1980s. This design has been continued by Chanel to today.

1990s no style is the style

In fact, into 1990s, the jewelry style had no obvious style of characteristic vintage style. The latest craze of choker was a 90s trend. More specifically, choker originated from the French Revolution in late 18th century, when women wore red ribbons around their necks to honor the guillotine. It's a tribute to the dead.

No style is the style is the theme of that period. It still keeps on to nowadays fashion.