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Electroplating, Critical Factor for Jewelry Quality

Electroplating is a more complex process. It not only protects the metal surface of jewelry, but also makes the surface of metal jewelry more beautiful. Metallic jewelry electroplating is divided into same color electroplating and different color electroplating. Same color electroplating means that the color of electroplating is the same as that of the jewelry metal substrate, and the chemical composition of electroplating is basically the same. For example, 18K gold jewelry is plated with 18K gold, and 14K gold jewelry is plated with 14K gold. Different color plating refers to the color and composition of electroplating and the color and composition of the jewelry metal substrate are not the same, such as 18K gold jewelry plated with 24K gold, 925 silver plated with 14K gold ... and so on.
It is one of most critical factors for jewelry quality. Quality control capability of a jewelry manufacturer!