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Gemstone of Birth Month


Pomegranate is used as a stone for the birth of January and a stone for the second anniversary of marriage. By wearing it for a person who was born in January, s/he will be calmer. Garnet has a variety of colors, the most common color is maroon or brown-red, representing friendship, chastity and loyalty.

February -- Amethyst

For both the East and the West, purple is a symbol of nobleness and mystery. Among the gems, only Amethyst can present this magical purple light.


Just like its name, aquamarine has a crystal clear color like water. Legend has it that this beautiful jewel is produced on the sea floor and is the essence of seawater. Of course, the most precious stones must be combined with the most exquisite craftsmanship to present perfect jewelry.


It was once seen as a symbol of courage, power, status and dignity. Today, diamonds are no longer mysterious, much less treasures that only royalty can enjoy.


The emerald, known as the king of gems, is one of the most valuable gemstones. It has an inexplicable sense of nobility. In the eyes of Westerners, the worship to emerald is just as east people to jade.


June birth moon stone, also known as "the stone of lovers," the surface of the moon like attractive lychee fragrance, refraction of several light, creating a deep night sky soft, emanating romantic atmosphere.

July -- Ruby

Ruby has always been a lucky stone to guard love. Richard Burton used the Ruby diamond ring as a Christmas gift to Elizabeth Taylor; At the same time, as one of the twelve birth stones, Ruby is also a lucky stone for people born in July.


Olivite is named after its color, mostly olive green, and its luster is transparent. It symbolizes mild intelligence, family happiness, and harmony between couples. Therefore, it is known as the "stone of happiness." The reason why olivine is used as a symbol of husband and wife's happiness may be related to its green, the fresh color is like the early spring new green, like the vitality of endless love.


Sapphire, with its crystal clear and beautiful color, was shrouded in mysterious supernatural colors by ancient people and was considered auspicious. It has also become an indispensable accessory on the royal dress together with diamonds and pearls.


Opal stone, with a psychedelic laser texture, dazzling dreams. Opal's Latin name is Opalus, and you can find the color and light of various gems on its body. The Ruby flame is fierce, the emerald is low-key and fresh, and the Amethyst is mysterious and elegant ... It may all be concentrated on a piece of Opal stone.

November-Topa Stone 

As November's birth stone, the legendary Tuopa not only can bring you a clear and pure beauty, but also can remove the negative energy. Whether in daily life or in the workplace, it can guard good luck and happiness.


Although not as shiny as other gems, turquoise has won the heart of a large number of personality fans for its unique appearance and high saturation colors that other gems can not match.