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How Snakes Forms as the Brand Recognition Element of Bulgari

Serpenti, named after the spiritual snake, used in jewelry, accessories or wristwatches with great success and become a hot commodity of Bulgari!

Why spiritual snakes?

Snakes have mysterious characteristics. People have all kinds of imaginations about them since ancient times. They often appear in myths and folk traditions of almost every culture in the world. There are also various legends about snakes in ancient civilizations. In ancient Aztec and Egypt, people believed that the constant defamation of snakes symbolized reproduction, rebirth, resurrection and immortality. In Egyptian mythology, Isis, the goddess of development and reproduction, achieved healing power through the help of snakes.

Ancient Totem

In Greek mythology, snakes also play an important role in symbolizing life, often representing healing, death andrebirth.Snakes form a symbolic system with the soil and the water overflowing from the soil, in which snakes have immortal significance and therefore represent the vitality of the earth. The most prominent symbols are Dionysus and Asclepius in Greek mythology. In ancient Greece, Asclepius was honored as the God of medicine. Its symbol was a rod with two snakes coiling around it. Ancient Greeks believed that any disease could be cured by sleeping on an altar dedicated to Asclepius.

Spiritual Serpent Totem


It is precisely because of such mysterious power that for centuries, the symbol of snake has appeared not only in the myths and legends of ancient civilization, but also in the works of poets and artists, confirming the mysterious charming power of snakes, an ancient mysterious totem. At the same time, with the spread of Isis culture in Egypt to the Roman Empire, the symbol of snake began to become an important source of inspiration for jewelry design. Since 1940, BVLGARI has taken the lead in applying the image of the spiritual snake to the design of wrist watches. The snake head is turned into a dial, while the winding body is turned into a wristband to wrap around the wrist.